Dr. Kitty Yeung, Sr. Quantum Architect at Microsoft Quantum Systems; Producer of MS Learn quantum modules and the Quantum Learning website with customized learning materials; Creator of comic series Quantum Computing through Comics; Lecturer at HackadayU and Microsoft Reactor on Quantum Computing; Founder & Designer of sustainable and STEAM fashion brand, Art by Physicist; Creative Technologist & Lead of the Fashion Hack at Microsoft; Public Speaker on quantum computing and fashion tech. Harvard University 15′ Applied Physics; University of Cambridge 10′ Natural Sciences – Physical.

Prior, Kitty worked as a research scientist, hardware engineer and user experience designer at Intel, and Manager of the Microsoft Garage program in Silicon Valley, California. She received her Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University (Thesis: Engineering Plasmonic Circuits in 2-Dimensional Electron Systems) and a M.Sci., B.A. and M.A. in Natural Sciences from University of Cambridge. Kitty’s career has been focusing on physics while pursuing the integration of technology, science, design and art. Kitty frequently gives technical and career talks reflecting her passion and experience in quantum computing, wearables industry, digital transformation, and internal startups.

Kitty Yeung 应用物理博士,知名创客, 微软量子计算架构设计师,微软量子学习模块MS Learn quantum modules创建者,量子计算漫画Quantum Computing through Comics作者,HackadayU与微软量子计算机课程讲师,服装品牌物理学家的艺术Art by Physicist创始人设计师, Fashion Hack at Microsoft 创新技术领队。现居德国,曾任微软创新车库硅谷区经理,英特尔科研,工程师,用户体验设计师。2015年毕业于哈佛应用物理博士,2010年剑桥自然科学本硕。

For media interviews, collaborations, conference speaking engagements and technical discussions, please reach out through:

LinkedIn: Kitty Y. M. Yeung

Twitter: KittyArtPhysics

Instagram: @artbyphysicistkittyyeung

Tech-fashion brand Instagram: @artbyphysicist

Hackaday: https://hackaday.io/project/168554-introduction-to-quantum-computing

微博/Bilibili: @量子Kitty

**Disclaimer**: Approved media articles about Kitty Yeung are listed in the official page.

**声明**: 没有在本网站列出的关于Kitty Yeung博士的媒体报道,特别是只使用了中文名的,皆未被官方授权,为媒体抄袭或虚构。

Kitty Yeung is a hardware engineer/designer with a PhD in Applied Physics, interested in technology and making consumer products that can integrate science, art and music and in pursuing intellectual contribution to the wider society.

Featured image photo credit: dw357.com

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