Harp Piano Vocal

Click on the photos below for videos. (More on YouTube channel: Kitty Yeung)


In darkness

Find your light

May It Be




Down by the Salley Gardens

A recording at our wedding. For my mother-in-law. It’s her favourite Irish tune.



Butterfly Lovers

Live recording at our wedding. Played for my parents and grandparents their favourite Chinese piece.




A beautiful piano piece by my great-grandfather-in-law. For more of his big pieces, search for Ignatz Waghalter. Albums on Naxos.

wikipedia page




Rudolph Valentino’s Love Song: A Kingdom for Two

This is a piece I discovered on my father-in-law’s piano, composed by my great-grandfather-in-law, Ignatz Waghalter. I surprised dad by playing and singing this piece in our wedding, dedicated for him. Love songs are not really my thing but the background of the piece made a perfect fit for the occasion. Dad had not heard this piece before (probably because I’m currently the only person in the house who can play the piano and sing at the same time so no one played it). It is very lucky of me to have a cultural family full of musical treasures.


The lyrics are beautiful.


I know a kingdom just for two, dear
It’s hidden deep within my heart
And filled with longing thoughts for you, dear
A place where lovers never part

The fairest flowers ever growing
Forget-me-nots and four-leaf clovers green
I keep this kingdom well knowing
Someday, you’ll reign supreme
There, as queen

And in this kingdom birds are singing
Their songs so sweet of love and you
Sweet messages to me they’re bringing
Recounting all your charms anew

They’re telling me that love’s undying
And binding doubts and fears at once depart
All barriers bravely defying
With you, safe in my heart
Nev’n to part



Dream of the Nightingale – 

Great-grandfather-in-law’s music for sister- and brother-in-law’s wedding. It’s an honour to play the family treasure at this special occasion for my loved ones.



Tendre Baiser

Another beautiful piano piece by my great-grandfather-in-law. I feel love in his music.

Kitty Yeung



A song about our grandmother, when great-grandfather saw her smile.


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