Paintings on Clothing available for purchase

I’m happy to announce that my first batch of paintings on fabric fashion designs are available for purchase, enabled by Spoonflower and Sproutpatterns (ktydesign studio).

Follow the links below to purchase. You can buy them as:

1. ready-to-wear pieces (sewed by “White Glove Service”), choosing your favourite materials (mine is Performance Piqué as it’s comfortable and wrinkle-free), or

2. fabrics with patterns annotated on so you can cut and sew yourself, or

3. as raw fabrics with my paintings on to create your own projects!

* Refer to the images below for precise graphic placements – 3D models on Sproutpatterns are approximate.

*** ***

This is a painting of a corner inside Harvard Yard in spring, when all the flowers are blossoming.

Buy dress or cut-and-sew

Buy painting on fabric

*** ***

Physicist’s Art/Schrödinger’s Demon/Angel and Demon. It’s got equations all over~

Buy dress or cut-and-sew

Buy painting on fabric

If you’d like to have Sproutpatterns sew it, you may want to let them know your height. I’m 5’7″ (170 cm) and the dress is about 6″ too long on me.

*** ***

Gazing into the night sky in my childhood. It was a super blood moon eclipse.

Buy shirt or cut-and-sew

Buy painting on fabric 1

Buy painting on fabric 2


The holographic pieces are not included in the ready-to-wear when you buy from Sproutpatterns. If you want to add this unique touch, let me know, I’ll show you how.


As a designer specialising in tech-fashion wearables, I am a proponent of using technology to improve conventional manufacturing procedures, including those in the fashion industry. In my opinion, Spoonflower and Sproutpatterns are pioneering in this field, making it convenient for designers to reach consumers directly.

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