Art by Physicist – Fashion Brand Launch

Dear family and friends,

I’m happy to announce that my fashion brand Art by Physicist has officially launched. As you all know, in the past few years I’ve been working after hours on the integration of science, engineering, design and art, building educational materials and creative prototypes to bridge gaps between different fields. Not only was this effort an outlet for my creativity and curiosity, I hope it can also communicate the mission and be an impactful advocacy for interdisciplinary education and responsible and sustainable production. Thank you for your continuous support. I would not have come this far without your understanding and encouragement. Please share with friends and strangers to increase awareness of the problems and solutions in the tech and fashion industries. I hope everyone likes the products and contents on the shopping website.

Photos by Qing Lee; Model Sophia Monent

Manufacturing has been a long journey and great learning for me about the industries. Thanks to my partners, collaborators and manufacturers, some of my unconventional designs were able to turn into repeatable processes and scale into products. I’d like to thank all the open-source platforms and maker communities for democratizing technologies and their intellectual contributions to human knowledge . Thanks to,, Instructables, Make:, Maker Faire and many more for bringing creative, technical and kindhearted people from all over the world together. Thanks to the hardware companies from which I frequently purchased components and collaborated with like, Arduino, Adafruit, SparkFun, DFRobot, SolarCycle, Microduino, BrainCo, Brown Dog Gadgets, Made of Mars, AstroReality, Loomia, Matrix Labs, Seeed, etc. It would not be possible for fashion designers to access technologies so easily and the 21st century would not be the same without them. Also a special shout-out to Spoonflower for pioneering need- and creativity-driven fabric production.

I’m grateful for the people I’ve met through the fashion, tech, maker, scientific communities who have been my favorite people and gave me so much support and inspirations throughout the journey – Jinger Zeng, Rex St. John, Chelsea Klukas, Shannon Hoover, Anouk Wipprecht, Lenore Edman, Alex Glow, Sophi Kravitz, Majenta Strongheart, Hep Svadja, Shawn Hymel, Massimo Banzi, Drew Fustini, Helen Leigh, Sherry Huss, Sophy Wong, J.R.Skok, Esteffanie, AmieDD, Leanne Luce, Matthew Drinkwater, Dona Sarkar, David Shorey, Ray LC, Andy’s Tech Garage, Amped Atelier, Chloe Condon, Astroathens, Startorialists, and many many others. Thank you to the platforms that showcased my designs like MakeFashion, Arm, CODAME, SF Fashion Week, Fashion Tech Week NY, Women of Wearables, RÊVE, Namesdress and many other media that reported my work even when it’s in prototype forms before turning into products.

Photos by Yang Lu

Last but not least, my amazing photographers and models I acknowledged throughout my websites and posts. Photos for the online shop are by Yang Lu, Qing Lee and Sophia Monet. And my earlier Lookbook by Oliver Phipps, Danqing Wang, Judy Wang and Leah Marie. Also a huge thank you to everyone who’s been asking me where to buy my designs in the past couple of years! Thank you for your patience and putting confidence in me. I got into manufacturing because of you. Feel free to share with people who may be interested.


Designer KtY

Official brand Instagram: @artbyphysicist

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