Solar-energy fashion

After collaborating for a couple years remotely during the pandemic, I’m so happy to finally visit ASCAARMOR GROUP. We made the solar-powered dress together for Art by Physicist wearable tech-fashion: by laminating the lotus-shaped thin solar films on textiles, the dress is itself a phone charger! Solar dress:

These solar films are semi-transparent and in all kinds of shapes that are both useful and decorative. They have been used in fashion, architecture, installation art, infrastructure and many more. I’m really happy that we get to work with partners like ASCA. Thank you! I want to see clean energy used everywhere.

All technologies can be applied in different ways. But we want to do so in a way that leads to a more playful, colorful, creative and loving future. This is why I started Art by Physicist a few years ago and am holding it true to its mission. 5% of sales at Art by Physicist is donated to STEAM education and environmental-protection nonprofits.

I wanted to paint the bottom illustration above for a while (after painting the top part in 2020 – the human evolution from the 21st century on). A journalist asked a related question in a recent interview so I decided to paint it right away. Now, which direction of wearable technology development would you rather see?


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