On career development

Many people like to think of career growth like some sort of pyramid, a hierarchy of titles. But really it is not. It is about continuous learning and professional maturity. At the beginning, one is developing personal growth on an existing platform, like studying in a school, in a university, getting a degree, getting their first job… all for themselves. Then they are ready to produce what other people need. One continues to contribute to help more people and eventually creates a platform with a healthy culture for others to learn, grow and contribute, too.

I watched a movie called In the Loop, which was a British satirical black comedy film with the backdrop of the decision-making process leading towards the Iraq War. It focuses on the little middle people with no integrity running around, taking petty actions purely based on how their careers can advance.

When preparing career talks, I want to make sure people understand that their roles and responsibilities should be aligned with the global goals, solving the problems they can solve, rather than being fixated on their individual careers. Otherwise, we really have to rely on students and even our next generations to make THE difference.

Here’s my recent talk at Developer Student Club MunichGoogle Developer Student Club ZurichGoogle Developer Student Club ITER on career aspects in quantum computing and beyond:

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