Demands and Opportunities in the Tech-Fashion Industry

On this Earth Day, I write.

Thanks again to IDTechEx for inviting me to speak at cornerstone about engineering with creativity. The field of printed, hybrid and flexible circuits has significant advancement in terms of hardware in the past year or so. But everyone was asking “What’s the next killer app?” Well, that’s an old way of thinking now. It will not be an application but a platform, which allows people to use technologies the way they want.

I am personally interested in advancing the fashion industry, which has been culturally neglected by the mainstream engineering community for decades. Since textile benefited from the first industrial revolution, the fashion world has been evolving so separately from the tech-industry and left out of the most cutting-edge technologies. As a result, mass production of uncreative and unwanted goods is dominating the market and manufacturing, which generates massive amount of waste and pollution.

The good thing is that we have reached the technological level to solve its problems once and for all. The solutions will come from hardware, software and new business models. This requires different industries to collaborate and build an ecosystem together.

#industrialrevolution #digitaltransformation #opensource #technologydemocratization#leanmanufacturing

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