Monologue 1 [0] – the Future [Past] – Original of the Universe [Life]


I love nature; I appreciate humanity; and I am pro-technology. Yet, from an “outsider’s” perspective, this planet is a shameful one: the crimes that have been destroying its lives. If only all humans in this society could think like outsiders and focus on the rational and important. It would be too long to wait for the next society to evolve into intelligence.

Monologue 1

“I am not brave enough to spell out what my symbols mean, for now. I am nobody, nor have I the luck to be picked up as a signal in the noisy world of social media. What is the point of singing if no one listens? Drawing if no one looks?”

“But only truths and intellectual values will distill and pass down generations. Let’s hope that your data will be preserved for people to look at and understand in the future even after you pass away.”

Monologue 0

Graphic novel series to be continued. This is a life-long project, a way to express my meaning-of-life. 16 years ago when I had the original idea, it was meant to be two sci-fi stories. I did not have a concrete idea of how to construct each page until I’m old enough to absorb and critically analyse global events, which shake and inspire me. Thus humanity also enters the stories.

It seems that I’ll only have time to complete the comic books when I retire. But I’ve been accumulating knowledge, ideas and understanding of the world.

I may not publish everything immediately after I draw them. I hope people in the future will see my intended meanings clearly. Stay tuned…for the space travel.

6 thoughts on “Monologues

  1. I love these drawings… so varied in style but unified in concept. Nice use of color, too. I used to have a graphic novel which I thought would be my lifetime project, but it fizzled out a decade ago and left a void in my heart. So I can completely relate to having a work like this give your life meaning.


    1. Thank you so much for reading the pages. I really appreciate your note. I hope my work resonates with people.
      It’s never too late to start or pick something back up. Perhaps you’ll get back to creating a graphic novel one day.


  2. I always find it so fascinating and enjoyable to read your graphic novel which is illustrated with the exquisite characters who lead me towards a new world, essentially, a metaverse which never showed up in my mind before. 👍


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